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Gallipoli World War 1 Diary 'Private Frank George Clifford Thompson' 10/2471 Pte F.G. Thompson 1st West Coast Company, 1st Wellington Inf Battn France, Egypt Feb 20th 1917.
June 14th 1915, after nearly eight months in Samoa, I left New Zealand with the fifth reinforcements on June 12th 1915. After a rough trip we arrived at Albany West Australia on the 26th June and after an enjoyable stay the troopships left on the 29th. Albany boasts of a population of 3,000 or so and lies at the head of St Georges Sounds, is full of hotels, whisky & beer very (?), chief attractions seems to be Middleton beach. I had a good look around the shore. Between Wgton & Albany a chap by the name of Merritt (A.S.C.) died and was buried at sea. The fleet consisted of three ships, Maunganui, Tahiti, and the (?), most of infantry on the Maunganui. We had pretty good weather between Australia & Suez. In B Company fifths there were about sixty men who have had service in Samoa. Jim Gallagher heads the list with 7 days C.B. he told Segt Galloway off. Jim & I landed a job in the canteenwhich was in charge of Morpeth the canteen King. We had a good time. Paper edited on board by the boys first issue 28th June 1915 price 6d, the rag was named the Maunganui, great success. First medical examination held on board on July 3rd. Vaccination on the 5th. Morphetts bought £300 worth of stores for the canteen at Albany.
July 3rd 1917,
On Saturday July 3rd a concert was held in the dining hall. Jack Gosling & Sergt Galloway were the best artists.
July 7th this afternoon was set aside for regimental shorts.
Boxing Results finals.
Braham (?) Bantam
Ability feather
O'Leary beat Parkinson A comp
Sch(?) beat Harrison B comp
Lyons beat (?) Peary
Stark beat Stewart A comp
Referee Wally Ireland, time keeper McCook, judges (?), McKay & Henderson.
Tug of war was won by B company M.C.O's
Sighted the coast of Africa about the 16th July and after a tedious trip up the Res Sea arrived at Post Suez on July 22nd the sea around the African coast is teeming with sharks. We stopped the night on board the Suez with the rigs and bum boats. We disembarked on the 23rd and entrained straight away. The first hour or so the train passed through barren desert but after that we passed through beautiful fertile land, the irrigation is an eye opener, canals supplying the water. After about eight hours (?) we arrived at (?) camp. July 25th had my first trip to Cairo, had a great time. Dick Robinson, Cox and I went to-gether the place seems to be full of donkeys, bootblacks, guides and prostitutes. The Egyptians had us beat for some time. I had a good look around Cairo, saw the good and the bad. The three of us thought we would investigate one of the brothels. So up we went. The house was full of soldiers and practically naked women. Some were beautiful others quite the opposite, the whole place smelt like a very stale urinal. On arrives at the first floor we went into a room full of women (?). We saw all that was to be seen & arrived at the top floor where am that girl was proceeding to give the boys an ex(?)of the can can dance we saw it. Most of the girls have medical certificates but they are not reliable. The numbers of the men in venereal camps speak for themself. Amongst other places I saw was the Pryamids, the Sphinx, Sheppards Hotel, Citidel. I was shown a dozen different places where Moses was found in the bulrushes. I met James Bates he is in the A.I.F. and Freddy Samuels in Cairo. Crowd of Australians left for Peninsular today all eager for a scrap. Went for a walk to the Zooligcial gardens.
Aug 3rd 1915
Left Helmieh siding for Alexandria arrives there same day. Met Pt Parker, embarked on board the "Saturnia" same day had a lot of fun bombing the Gippo's with potatoes. Left Alex next day 3,000 troops aboard NZ, English & Australians. Rotten ship & rotten tucker. After being out a couple of days we passed hundreds of small islands and arrived at Lemnos Island on Aug 6th. The harbour is crammed full of shipping of all kinds, transports, battleships, torpedo boats, cruisers, storeships, munitions, I even saw a couple of submarines. Amongst the transport was the huge "Mauretania sister ship to the Lusitania, she had aboard nearly 11,000 troops Kitcheners new army. Plenty of hospital ships about, Lemnos belongs to Greece.
Aug 7th 1915
Transported from the "Saturnia" on to a paddle steamer and set sail, arrived off Anzac same night. Landed on Anzac beach early on the 8th Sunday.
Aug 8th 1915
After a land march through saps, we arrived at No. 3 outpost (old No.2). Here we had our first experience about 15 mins being ?? Lieut Hunt being one of theirs. The Turks had the range to a (?) & kept us busy. Same day 7 oclock in the evening am up close to the Cheshire Ridge just had a feed for the first this day there has been a big scrap and by the count our boys have done wonders as I write there is an airoplane above me what nationality I've no idea. Eight o'clock we are off, going into action.
Aug 15th or 16th whether it is Sunday or Monday I have no idea since I wrote on the 8th a lot has happened and a lot of the good chaps in the 5th have gone under and there are very few of the Wgton crowd left, we were smashed up a treat, but kept the NZ good name up. We went into action on the 8th with 200 Rounds of ammunition and each man carrying a (?) on a (?) and into the darkness. There were dead and wounded, both ours and Turks everywhere it was rather a rough introduction. Frank Burrows was the first man hit on the Hill. I fell over him & we swum the dock.
Aug 1915
We dug in somewhere, but soon got orders to get up to the front line, off we went our chaps were beginning to drop every yard or two, things were getting (?) Jim Barber Robert Lea and Leath (?) & I worked to-gether and got there. The tact now was defending and what with the darkness we we getting it rough it was hell let loose, we got into a sort of trench, it was about 2 1/2 foot deep machine gun, rifle fire, bombs, shrapnel, and the big guns were playing hell's delight. We stuck there for about twenty six hours, The Turks made a few half hearted attackes but didn't succeed in getting far. We were relieved by some Tommy's at about mid-night on Monday & what was left of us went back to the Apex and the beach. The Turks made a grand attack next morning and broke through the Tommies who had relieved us, but they paid dearly for it, hardly a man got back, our marines & artillery knocked them silly. But there are very few of us left also. Lieut Clarke was killed was shot through the eye. Sergt Dooley Downing, Jack Gosling ,Sid Chapman, Dick Robinson, Jim Hunter, Daniels, Nick Carter, Baxter Brown, Sergt Hector & Segt Taylor, Capt Wilkinson, were killed and hundreds of others killed & wounded. I had a yarn to Lance Bridge before he died he was very cheerful. Other ex Samoan who came with the 4th and were killed were, Joe Callan, Sportswoods, Jeremy James, Peter Cimino, Budge Oliver was killed yesterday 15 " 16/8/15. After the big scrap a crowd of us were put on as stretcher bearing from No.3 outpost to Walkers ridge on this cape we lost another dozen or so men (?) (?) getting a bad whack. Johnny had a good view of us and
Aug 1915
How any of us got through beats me. Was stretcher bearing for two days and nights, when finished I was all out. From the 13th to about the 17 we were on Cheshire Ridge on the 18th we were going into the trenches when we met Gen Godley he said you men are splendid, we didn't feel too good. To-day we had an issue of flour, rice, & raisons, and Avison & I had a great laugh. Jim Barber has gone to Sulva Bay bearing good wishes from all. I met Bruce Brown and old Scout Brown, they both look cracked up. The old scout was going away sick. Aug 19th 1915. Our end very quiet but heavy firing all night on the left & right.
Aug 19th 1915
A raid by our chaps lst night was successful. We had to stand for most of the night. Avison & I are living like fighting cocks an egg each and pancakes to-day. Had a yarn with Frank Barber today he took will on it.
Aug. 20th
In the trenches, our company only 42 strong having a pretty rough time of it, very hot Lieut McKinnon on Command.
Aug 21st
Trenches memorial service in memory of Colonel Malone & others I couldn't go. Being in the fire trench we got 1 egg between four men to-day so drew for it. I missed. Flies everywhere.
Aug 20th
Big smack up in Sulva. Great bombardment, (?) village has been knocked rotten. I had a good view of the advance from here (Rhododendron) good go. I saw the infantry hop the parapet at one place.
Aug 21st
Trenches put the day in with to Annie Mother Eva & George, am now off to make my issue of rum looks small.
Aug 22nd
In trenches usual old game
Aug 23rd & 24th
In trenches had the sweet experience of digging up a couple of dead men during the night. Plenty of firing from the cape.
Aug 24th 1915
Just heard that transport Royal Edward had been torpedoed with 3,000 troops aboard, they say the sank is 7 minutes.
Aug 25th
Still in trenches plenty of work during the night
Aug 26th
Having a little machine gun in instruction under Capt Wallingford on Rhododendron
Aug 27th
Doing the same
Aug 28th
Again with the guns and feeling very crook another attack on Sulva
Aug 29th Batt. moving to the Apex. Feeling very crook with dysentery
Aug 30th
At the Apex Johnny nearly got me this morning & fell back right amongst a shell burst right amongst a crowd of us several being killed and wounded King got a bad one. I am feeling rotten.
Aug 31st
Turks (?) us all day and caught a few, am that crook don't give a damn if I do stop one. (?) dropped thirty bombs to day on Cheshire ridge no damage.
Sept 1st 1915
Feeling very crook
Sept 2nd
Am that bad that Doc has sent me off the Peninsular am on board hospital ship Maheno.
Sept 3
On "Maheno" being treated like a toff by N.Z. nurses some of them were with us at Samoa.
Sept 4th
In Mudros harbour. On our left is the huge "Aquitania" our Padre gave all NZ boys a 1/2 sovereign each very acceptable. All very broke.
Sept 5th 1915
Transported to P.O. boat SS Nile (?) tub. Saw the torpedoed ship "Southland". Very sorry to leave the "Maheno".
Sept 6th
At sea on the SS Nile at (?) tub. We are at present in the Greecians Archipelageon sea.
Sept 7th
At sea. Crew are all chinks. We are making 16 knot an hour. If it wasn't for the figure 8 in my tummy would enjoy it. A lot of men have died and been buried at sea since we left Lemnos.
Malta Sept 8th 1915
Arrived at Malta during the night. The ship is coasting I have a good view of the Grand Harbour from here.
Sept 9th
Disembarked this morning and after motor ride arrived at St Johns Hospital Sliema.
Sept 10th
In St Johns Hospital, there is a regular thunder storms out side. This place used to be a girls elementry college.
Sept 11th 1915
Still in hospital and rainy still. Feeling better but very weak. Every night my temp is 104 point something.
Sept 12th
In hospital had shave & hair cut and an issue of scissors cigarettes. Getting on ok.
Sept 13th
Still in reading (?) & playing cards. I am getting tired of this show already. I win all the boys cigarettes at cards and they pinch them back when I'm asleep.
Sept 14th 1915
Still on light diet, give me the (?) to see some of the boys living like fighting cocks whilst I am (?) on milk etc. Our M.O. Lieut Finch is a real good sort and will do us the latest papers from N.Z. Sept-July 8th. The Malta Chronicle is a good rag and we get all the English news. J(?) McLean is here. We are putting in our time playing bridge.
Sept 15th
Same old thing to day. Crowd of convalescents left for England to-day amongst them being W Clay. Am very weak still.
Sept 16th 1915
Very crook last night temp 103-2 feel better to-day. Sparkes & Mullen & I sneaked out and walked around the balcony & made faces at the Maltese girls, very nice girls too.
Sept 17th
Nothing fresh
Sept 18th
Visited by Lord Bethune to-day. Last night a party of Maltese ladies gave us a concert. Very decent one girl sang Dolly Grey, new song.
Sept 19th
Feeling pretty good.
Nothing fresh
Sept 20th 1915
To-day we were paid a huge sum of (?), don't know how to spend it. Last night (?), Mullins & I took French leave and took a look & stroll around the beach but we soon found out we were too weak & had to come back. Leaving for con camp to night.
Sept 21st
Arrived at Ghajn Tuffieha camp 12 miles from Sliema.
Sept 22nd
At Ghajn Tuffieha met Harry Hart & Billy Grey and several chaps I know.
Thursday Sept 23rd 1915
In camp, plenty of (?) tents has YMCA and others getting (?) meals are the trouble. The Tommies are like pigs and if you can't fight you starve. Aust & N.Z. boys get their share.
Friday Sept 24th
Paid ten bob to day. It will hardly hit the ground. There is a wet canteen here.
Sat Sept 25th
Knocking about camp. Had a swim was decent. Met more old mates.
Sept 26th 1915
Concert held here last night patronised by Lord Bethune great success at church parade to day.
Mon Sept 27th 1915
Met Happy Hawker to-day. A draught went to England
Tuday Sept 28
As per usual had three pints of home idea to day. Must be getting well.
Wed Sept 29th
Nothing doing
Sept 30th
Friday Oct 1st 1915
Feel like a bloated (?) paid ten bob to-day, good start for the month will be broke on Sunday for a cent
Oct 2nd
Sparkes, Mullins & I went to Valletta to day, had a great motor ride to start with. Called at the following hospitals. Floriana, St George, St Johns, St Martins, St Pauls Tigne, St Pats & several others, just missed Dick Collins & Bill Ellis at Tigne, met a Maltese who has a brother in Adelaide Rd Wgton 70 & 80 by the name of 'Mouller'
Sunday Oct 2nd 1915
Feel very tired after yesterday but it was worth it. Am off to write letters after lunch parade
Mon Oct 4th 1915
Oct 5th 1915
Another concert party from Valetta, a good show. Classification parade before Doc again, getting tired of them.
Oct 6th
Grand weather. Crowd left for active service to-day
Oct 4th 1915
Nothing much doing
Oct 8th
Pay day am quite happy raining a treat
Oct 9th
Nothing fresh
Oct 10th
Crowd left for England to-day very quiet
Oct 11th
Nothing doing
Oct 12th
Wed Oct 13th 1915
Another medical exam to-day, Dean A.I.B. left for Gallipoli
Thurs Oct 14
Very quiet. The regiment on garrisons duty (?) is Northumberland Fusiliers
Friday Oct 15
Pay day again everyone happy, (/) did (/) another concert last night
Oct 16th
Went to Valletta to day saw the Armory in the Strada Reale, also the tapestry room, and the palace, had a look at the chappell of Bones wonderful sight. On the way home saw the Huge Musta dome at St Paul Bay, of course we broke camp, it was a 1, had a good time
Oct 17th
Off to Lenmos again. Big crown of us marched to Notabile station Citta Piccola from there by train to Valleta from there to transport 'Karoa' Left Malta 5 oclock
Oct 18th
At sea, feels good, boat drill twice to-day. Food is exceptionally good, enjoying the trip.
Oct 19th 1915
At sea. The "Karoa" going well, she has been twisting & turning all day, as a precaution against submarine attacks, submarine guards all over our ship. Had the destroyer "Sentinal" with us part of the day, have several Ghurkas on board, they were on the troopship "Ramiser" when she was torpedoed. We have a lot of fun with them, some Sihks are aboard also. The Ramison was sunk by an Austrian sub 3 days out from Alexandria (???)
Oct 19th 20th
Arrived at Lemnos this morning
Oct 21st 1915
Still on ship in the Harbour. The sixth reinforcement & the 7th mounted' s are here, and the N.Z. divisions is here for a spell, Some Maltese red cross men, they have been in Service , and had to scale, they say things are bad there.
Oct 22nd
After dinner we left ship and and landed on Lemnos then march to NZ camp at "Sarpi", met Harry Twomey? with the 6th
Oct 23rd
(?) Barber has three ships, is in charge of Bombers, weather is cold
Sun Oct 24th 1915
Forth Bgde Aus & N.Z. troops inspected by Generals Godley, Monish & Johnston football match between Australians & N.Zs result NZ. 39. Aus 3
Mon Oct 25th
Went nosing around the Greek Villages Maoris beat Aus Medical corp by 13 to 3
Tues Oct 26th
Nothing much doing
Wed Oct 27th
1st Battl A.I.F left for Anzac to-day
Thurs Oct 28th
Just (?)
Frid Oct 29
And ditto
Sat Oct 30th
Had a quiet gamble behind the Monastry won a fair bet
Oct 31
Forth Bgde left for Anzac to-day Reg Sparts was with them
Nov 1st 1915
2nd Bat A.I.F in isolation, I am in fatigue at ordinance store
Nov 2nd
And the same
Nov 3rd 1915
Still at ordinance
Nov 4th
Mail day I received P.C. from mum & boys & unity pad from Annie
Nov 5th
Friday. Toomey had word that his father was dead. George Hayden Curtly Jack Galvins (?)
Nov 6th
Went out to store shop "Minetonka' with Ju(?) J(?). Concert at night, Maoris gave haka Canadians & Aus nurses present
Sunday Nov 7th 1915
Lovely weather writing letters
Nov 8
Just knocking about
Nov 9th
NZ Brigade left for Anzac, to-day I was left behind, not fit yet
Nov 10th
Some of N.Z. Mounteds left for Anzac to-day. Went to concert in Aus camp with Pilama & another Maori
Nov 11th 1915
The left of Mounted left this morning. The 2 & 3 Bgde reinforcements and N.Z details were inspected by Lord Kitchener, he looks a handy sort of customer
Nov 12th
Pay-day (?) £2.00
Nov 13th
Spending some of it
Nov 14th
Very quiet went for a trot around the villages
Nov 15
Nothing doing
Nov 16th 1915
Washing day & general brush up. There was a 36 gallon of beer in our tent last night nuff said
Nov 17th
Have been with Tom Maynard A.I.F. all day
Nov 18th
Nothing doing met Segt Gallows to-day
Nov 19th
Quad sent to Costa for a few drinks otherwise nothing doing
Sergt Galloway in charge
Nov 20th 1915
Shifted camp to-day, A class details left for Anzac to-day
Nov 21st
Blowing a gale, very cold
Nov 22nd
Nothing doing
Nov 23rd
Left Sarpi to day for Anzac Base detail camp 3rd Bgde A.I.F.
Nov 24th
Mudros West is Base Detail camp
Thurs Nov 25th 1915
Met Avison & Jack Russell to day
Friday Nov 26th
On fatigue all day, digging up roads with entrenching tool
Sat Nov 27th
On fatigue all day R.N.D are careful with us plenty of rain (/)
Sunday Nov 28th
Snowing a (/) coldest weather I have felt another medical exam
Mond Nov 29th
Still snowing. Cameron Bell, Sam Davidson, Jack McCall and the rest of us packed like sardines for warmth
Nov 30th 1915
Changing into different tents
December 1st
On fatigue pretty cold
Dec 2nd
Fair weather great rumors flying about. pay day satisfied
Dec 3rd
Details of returned wounds came in to-day some 5th amongst them, Marsh Neil amongst them
Dec 4th
Fatigues all day
Dec 5th 1915
Rearranging camp all day
Dec 6th
Off to Anzac on board the "Osmania" landed at Walkers ridge around 8 oclock
Dec 7th
Went straight to the front line to-day, met all the old crowd, it's like being at home again. Sergt Major Jock Brodie was killed a few days ago
Dec 8th
In trenches
Dec 9th
In trenches, pretty quiet
Dec 10th 1915
Relieved from front line. Harold Olde, Neil & I are now tunnelling close to Battl headquarters
Dec 11th
Tunnelling, demonstration by our batteries to-day, knocked the strife out of the blockhouse
Dec 12th
Tunnelling still
Dec 13
Ditto Major Andrews came down the tunnel and gave us a nib of whisky, he tried to pour it out with the cap in, he wondered what we were laughing at
Dec 14th
Received a lot of mail to-day, had a good old read in trenches
Dec 15
In the front line again, rumors everywhere
Dec 16th
In the trenches all sorts of rumors about
Dec 17th Friday
In trenchs. Turks attack at Walkers and were smacked up. More rumors flying about
Saturday Dec 18th 1915
Evacuation proceeds we got off the (?) without a hitch, as soon as we got aboard ship went straight to sleep.
Sunday Dec 19th 1915
Woke up in Mudros Harbour (Lemnos). Had breakfast on HMS Zealandia, the sailors treated us like toffs, saw the bell that was presented to the ship by NZ school-children, there is a lot of Maori working on the ships. Enjoyed it a treat
Dec 20th
On Lemnos Island on fatigue right away
Dec 21st
On guard last night, up to putty
Dec 22nd 1615
Spell off to-day on account of being on guard
Dec 23rd
Some of our Xmas parcels arrived, eating (?) cake chocolate etc
Dec 24th
On guard over wet canteen, which the boys had broken into a few days ago. Plenty of bees about: Kilty Ware had a hunt and caught 130 of the creatures, we counted them as he caught them. Advance guard left for Egypt
Dec 25th
Xmas Day. Had (?) with Reg Sparks. Marched to pier and embarked on hospship "Simla" P&O boat.
Dec 26th 1915
Left Lemnos 5 oclock this morning, Harold Olde & I mess orderlys for the trip, I don't think much of the job, Harold is going crook already
Dec 27th
At sea. Every thing in the garden lovely except the mess orderly job.
Dec 28th
Hurrah Alexandria in sight, arrived in harbour noon. No leave, stopped the night on board
Dec 29th
Entrained at Alex arrived at D'Ismailia, left at night. Dead (?), camped on desert no (?)
Dec 30th 1915
On refuel duty in Ismailia under Lieut (?), not a (?) in sight for the (?): had an easy time (?)
Dec 31st
New Years Eve, on fatigue
Jan 1st 1916
Supposed to be on guard but have dodged it decent
Jan 2nd
In Ismailia on leave with Frank Smith
Jan 3rd
Parades in desert, plenty of work
Jan 4th 1916
Form fours etc in desert
Jan 5th
Sandstorm blowing a treat, no parade, some N.C.O's gone to Cairo for leave
Jan 6th
Form fours and saluting etc up to (?)
Jan 7th
On leave in Ismailia
Jan 8th on guard (?) Station, some of the 7 & 8th reinforce arrive at Moascar to-night
Moascar camp Egypt Jan 9th 1916
On leave again
Jan 10th 1916
Extended order nuff said
Jan 11th
Ditto, some swearing going on
Jan 12th
Extended order as per usual, there is a big airodome close by & plenty of airplanes flying around
Jan 13th
And the same again
Jan 14th
Also the same
Egypt Jan 15th 1916
Company for duty and there is a football match on
Jan 16th
Reviewed to day by General Murray
Jan 17th
Long route march to-day and night manouvers
Jan 18th
Another march. Marched 10 or twelve miles no joke in desert but am feeling in the best of nick, got letters from home 2nd Battn NZRB arrived to-day
1916 Wed Jan 19th
Short march today
Jan 20th
On guard at Railway bridge under Jim Bell good affairs, 2 on (?) off
Jan 21st
Came off guard spell off, met a lot of friends in the dinks
Jan 22nd
(?) camp & played football
Jan 23rd
Wellington Battn beat Canterbury Battn at football by 18 to 3, Good match
Jan 24th 1916
Whole division on big route march, Dinks & us a lot (?) out, am feeling OK. Met (?) Elliot
Jan 25th
Raining & blowing a treat, parade finish, now in tent doing a (?)
Jan 26th
Route marching on D area, I have joined the scouts & snipers
Jan 27th
Out with scouts, do me
Jan 28th 1916
Out in desert for scouting instructions with Capt Wrightson good (?). We robbed a tomato field for a start. Mounted Brigade arrive to-day met Jim McMillan & McCombie
Jan 29th
Mounted boys left for another camp to-day
Sunday Jan 30th
Church parade in morning. This afternoon Wellington Officers played Canterbury Officers football Hell Fire Mac. Got a great (?) from the boys
Monday Jan 31st 1916
Route march through Ismailia and extended order order on the way home good day
Tues Feb 1st 1916
Left Moascar for Port Said on fatigue on ship named "Shadwell" from Baltimore cargo of water pipes met Pip Parkes on Ismailia Station
Feb 2nd 1916
Looking around Port Said, not a bad show. The statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps at the entrance of canal is worth seeing
Feb 3rd 1916
In Port Said, seeing the sights and the ladies. It is a rough show in places
Feb 4th 1916
Shadwell not arrived yet: still promenading Port Said. Last night the boys commandeered 4 barrels of beer of the wharf, it's a shame what happened. There are eighty of us & 80 Royal scots
Feb 5th
Going around the harbour saw a sea plane and too shadow gunboats, been everywhere last night. Bill Mast(?) fell in the sea and then (?) his boots. Still away
Feb 6th 1916
Shadwell arrived to day so we pulled a couple of miles up canal and stopped the night. Started work during the night
Feb 7th
We are now twenty miles fully up the canal and unloading again: we are living on barges and getting the best of food
from Feb 7th to the 17th
Unloading pipes at different parts of the canal am at present on lake Timsah still unloading
Feb 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd 1916
Still at it
Feb 23rd
Went ashore to Ismailia for leave
Feb 24th
Still nothing finished (?), hold during the night
Feb 25th
Took French leave and went to Port Said for the night and day. Dodged the police and had a stunning time
Feb 26th
Landed back to ship OK, nothing said
Feb 27th 1916
(?) went away to-day, we all just about finished
Feb 28th
Ship finished, back to the Battn to morrow
Feb 29th
Arrived back at Moascar camp
March 1st 1916
Back once again to slope arms etc
March 2nd 19
In Cairo on leave with Jack Taylor & Ernie Witte something doing
March 3rd 1916
Route marching, very solid after Cairo trip
March 4th
Swimming parade in morning, played football in the afternoon
March 5th
Most of the boys went to Ferry Post Tim & I on guard
March 5th to March the 15th on guard, good affairs, 2 hours on & 12 off to Tim & I
March 15th 1916
Met Frank Helliwell to-day he is a cook in the 20 Battn C comp A.I.F. (?) a well on it: I also met Albert Yates he is in the 24th Batt A.I.F
March 27th 1916
Met Pip & Will Parkes & Harold Bertaud, am sick of keeping a diary so (?)
April 7th 1916
Off to France, left Alexandria on ship "Arcadia"
On 7th April on the way passed Malta, Corsica, Sardinia, arriving at Marsailles on the 13 April, entrained there and after 53 hours train journey arrive at Steenbecque from there after a few weeks we marched to Estaires and from there into the trenches arriving then on the 13th May 1916 from that date until June 6th. I have been in and out of the trenches with my Battn went through the
March 5th 1917
Somme attack and then to Flers (?) am now at 24th General Hospital in Etaples awaiting evacuation to Blighty for an operation.
12 March
Left & have arrived at South hampton
March 13th
Hospital ship Formosa arrived at No 1 N.Z. General Hospital Brockenhurst is 11 or 12 miles from Southhampton
March 26 1917 Brockenhurst
Went to Christchurch, ten of us with Mrs Dryden a Timaru lady, visited the Cathedral and then went to (?) in Bournemouth, had a glorious tea at Bobbie's, had a great time. Bournemouth is 18 miles from here.
April 7th spent Good Friday and Saturday in London, had some time napoo nuff said. Next Easter Sunday with A.F.S., went to Seven Kings, Ilford & Romford with Roy Blake on Easter Monday, another large day
April 1917
Spent Sunday 15th April with A.S. good day, went to Ilford saturday, rained a treat

Lily Gorman
3 Tovey Place
Kentish Town
London N.W.

Mrs E Whitworth
99 The Grove

Quinns Post Gallipoli named after Lieut Quinn, late Major Quinn he was killed on the 29th May 1915.
Courtney Post: called after Colonel Courtney
Popes. Named after Colonel Pope
Headquarters ship stationed at Mudros called the "Aragon"

Arrived at "Daison" House Torquay May 19th 1917 awaiting evacuation to N.Z.
May 3rd 1917
(?) (?) & I went to Oddicombe beach & then to Labrador with a Doll & Miss Parkes, had a great
May 4th
Went to Paignton & Brixham
June 17th Sunday
Spent sunday at Maidencombe with Dolly, Billy Parkes & Mrs Parkes, up at tree some day
Monday June 18th Torquay
At Chepple garden & Ansteys Cove with D.C. Some day
July Monday the (?)
Spent the Day at Maidencombe with Doll the day of my natural (?) (?)
Spent Sunday at Maidencombe with Doll & Mrs Clarke
Wed 11/7/17
At the (?) after had supper at Doll's place, had some time she is a love
Sept 13th 1917
Met Charlie Russell to day
Met Otto Beu & Bertie Williams spent the day with Dolly & as usual had a stunning time
Left the Daison at 1am. Arrived at 'Liverpool' from Torquay 1st Feb 1918 embarked on to the Tahiti same day.
On the way down passed through Bristol, Manchester & Crewe
Said goodbye to Doll at 11(?)
1st Feb 18
Fleet of troopships Willochra, Maunganui & Tahiti
Feb 15th 1918
At sea. 12 days out sighted a derelict named Paposa NORGE put a couple of shots into her and carried on
Arrived at Christibel 21st Feb Panama.
We cooled there, it is the best (?) cooling station in the world. Received no leave, all hands very dissappointed, "Colon" is about ten minutes ride from "Chritibel", left there 22nd and passed through canal, American soldiers & ladies gave us a great hearing, passed Panama sameday & put to sea again. 23rd at sea plenty backwash at the first loocs we rose about 15 feet and then went into lake.
Had a good swim at Christibell one of the boys nearly drowned in locks. Everything is done by Electricity. We had an exceptionally rough trip from Liverpool to Panama
March 7th 1918. Still at sea. Having beautiful weather, plenty of concerts & also a fancy dress ball. Some affair. Plenty of gambling, the head Hip Hoo Ray is dishing out severe fines to those who are caught. Am Corporal of the guard to night.
Private Cutler of the Wgton Batt died last night & was buried to-day, I had the job of finding the bearers. He was buried just after eleven oclock
March 15th 1918
Auckland N.Z.
Arrived at Auckland to-day after a great trip, not a rough dayfrom the Panama.
It is exactly six weeks since I left Torquay. Did not get (?) a day of parades, was boarded and then the Wellington men were transhipped to the Maunganui, we left Auckland about ten on the 16th for Wgton.
17 March. St Patricks Day
Running down the coast on the way to Wgton, will get there to-morrow. The weather is just great, met J.M. Gardines on Tahiti. I think I am ok for discharge.
Most of the boys are gambling, several fifty have been won & lost. I came a cropper at the finish.

Arrived home OK. Had a great time at night. Dick and all the boys there.
25th March have been (?) discharge 15th April. Now at Palmerston have just arrive from Masterton, have been out to see young Dick at College and have been looking after the Mexted girls, look (?) from girls to the cosy (?) from last night some (?)

Arthur Wicks
16 Normandy Street
Wgton South

Gordon E, 15

I spent about £140 pounds whilst in Torquay

Beatrice Morris Torquay


Estimate $3,000-5,000
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