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How to Bid at Lawsons



Approval to Bid

For all online bidding clients must register, sign in and provide credit card details. Registration will also enable you to request information about a lot and send lot information to a third party. Successful bids will be invoiced by email following the auction, however it remains the responsibility of the buyer to determine whether their bid has been successful. Click here to register for online bidding.

Different Ways to Bid with Lawsons

  1. Presale Competitive Bidding

    Presale bidding enables competitive bidding in real time prior to the commencement of the physical auction. Bidders are able to see the highest current bid and also receive 'outbid notifications' by email. When the presale bidding closes the highest bids are carried through into the live auction. Please remember that the bids placed for presale bidding are real time bids which cannot be amended or retracted and are not treated as commission bids.


    The presale bidding is available via the lot page in the catalogue. An on screen message will appear to advise if the bidding is with you or will show the current highest bid if against you. When you are outbid you will also receive an email stating this.


  1. Absentee or Commission Bidding

    Lawsons will execute bids on behalf of clients who are unable to attend the auction. An absentee or commission bid is a bid of a single amount which is treated as your maximum. Lots will be purchased as reasonably as possible, subject to other bids being taken and any reserves. In the event of identical bids being submitted, the first received will take precedence.


    Commission bids can be entered through the presale bidding page in the second box which is marked automatically bid to. In order to place a maximum amount you will need to enter a starting bid. This would need to be higher than the current leading bid.
  2. Telephone Bidding


    On the lot detail page of the catalogue a button appears to submit a request for a telephone bid on that particular lot. Please note there is a minimum value of $100 at the low estimate in order to be approved for telephone bidding.

    Alternatively Telephone bid requests can also be made on the absentee bid form in the saleroom  leaving the amount for maximum bid column empty if you wish to make a telephone bid during the sale.

    (All Commission Bid requests must be received at least half an hour prior to the commencement of the auction session. No responsibility is taken for bids received after this deadline.)

Forms are available in the saleroom. Scanned forms can be emailed to at least one hour before the start of the auction and must be signed by the bidder.