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11 November 2011,

Lot 1
William M Hughes Prime Ministerial HMS Silver Cigar Box & Framed Ceremonial Certificate cigar case inscribed W.M.H from H.D.M. 1922 & within the frame reads
To The Right Honourable William Morris Harris, K.C.P.C. Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia. We the Mayor Aldermen and Councillors of the City of Westminster, desire on behalf of the Citizens to offer you a most hearty welcome on your return to this ancient City.
We feel it a signal honour that one who has passed so many of his early years here, should re-visit Westminster as Prime Minister of the great Commonwealth of Australia.
We recognise the leading part you have taken in calling to the aid of the cause of Liberty and Justice the splendid manhood of the Commonwealth, whose deeds in the defence of the Empirehave gained undying fame. We believe that your courage and statesmanship are destined to have a powerful influence on the future welfare of these realms.
May you have health and strength to perform your patriotic work and may the blessings of God rest on the great community which you so worthily represent.
Given under our Common Seal this 24th day of May, 1916.
George E Welby, Mayor
John Hunt, Town Clerk
Estimate $7,000-10,000
Sold for $13,000